Monday, June 6, 2016

Grizzly Sells a 4x6 bandsaw

Anyone have experience with Grizzly?

I see that someone bought one on amazon and had my experience:
Great saw, but the packing material is really bad when they ship it. UPS just chucked it on my driveway and broke a bunch of parts.
Fortunately replacement parts were shipped quickly.  I am hoping Harbor Freight can ship me a replacement motor.


  1. Before I bought my Dewalt planer, I did a ton of research. The Grizzly users were either very happy with their products...are called them junk. There didn't seem to be a middle ground. I believe the biggest issue was alignment issues, probably caused by damage in shipping as the Grizzly stuff is made in China. (But, for all I know, so is my Dewalt.)

  2. QA seems to be the big problem for Chinese products. When right, they are bargains. When wrong they are worse than free.

  3. Many of the "china" machines are actually made in Taiwan.
    If you don't need Okuma or Haas quality (or price) Grizzly machines are pretty good.
    And the owner is a shooter and backer of shooters.

  4. Also, Grizzly will ship motors, and let you return the old motor when you're up and running (I kept the one for my lathe and paid for it. Haven't needed it.) They have their own winding shop IIRC.