Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Dream Home for the Paranoid

I think it would even keep out zombies:

Rare Sprint Missile Site For Sale – 12,000+ sqft Underground!

The main structure on the property is the underground control center which is naturally dry since it was built on a hill and has earth mounded over it. It consists of 12,000 sq feet on one level with 15 foot ceilings and is divided into rooms of varying size by concrete walls. The outer walls are 30” thick and are heavily reinforced with large rebar. The structure is accessed via a 9’x9’ square concrete tunnel, approximately 75’ long that is usable for driving equipment in and out of the command center. At the bottom of the tunnel are 2 large blast doors for equipment and 2 smaller blast doors for personnel. There are 2 large concrete towers above the structure. The shorter one is approximately 25’ tall is the intake tower and the taller one, approximately 30’, is the exhaust tower. These were used for the generator equipment originally. Brand new electric service was professionally brought into the underground building including a large transfer switch suitable for hooking up a generator near the tunnel entrance and 2 new 200 amp service panels were installed underground, one at each end of the main hall. The underground has been wired with fiber optics for TV, phone and high speed internet. A boiler has been installed in the underground building for hydronic heat! 1,500,000   36 acres   

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  1. If Hillary is elected I would want to have one of these silos.

    I wonder if she can win with a "I want to see a woman president" voter as Obama won with a "I want to see a black president" vote. That is someone who is stupid enough to vote for the "first" without consideration of how bad a job they would do.... Darn low information voters....SIGH!!!!