Wednesday, June 15, 2016

New PC in the House

My wife was complaining about how slow the 2005 HP laptop was that she has been using since she lost faith in the Toshiba laptop.  So...

2015 Newest Model Lenovo Thinkpad 11 Business Laptop with Windows 7 Professional, 11.6 Inch HD Display, AMD Quad-core A4-6210 1.8GHz, 4GB DDR3L RAM, 500GB HDD, Bluetooth, Webcam, HDMI, WiFi

So far pretty jazzed by it. $236.50.

One surprise: no VGA output, only HDMI, so I have ordered an HDMI to DVI cable.


  1. Looks great! The price is definitely right, seems like a great deal!

    If you want to prevent malware from MS in the form of Windows 10, I've been using a small program called GWX Control Panel for several months, and so far it's kept my Win7 Ult. just the way I like it. Highly recommended!

  2. Th Windows 10 popup is annoying but it doesn't rape my computer.

  3. Lenovo put spyware in the BIOS of their desktop computers, including a rootkit that was reloaded into the Windows install if the user removed it, even if the user did a wipe and clean install.

    They install numerous "tracking" and "monitoring" programs on ThinkPads; some of these are mentioned, obscurely, in Lenovo documentation, and can in theory be removed.

    I would not trust Lenovo at all.

  4. Hey Rich, Can you post some links to this info regarding Lenovo that backs this up? THanks.

  5. Rich,
    I honestly don't think you can trust ANY of the PC manufacturers.

    There might be a tiny port on the laptop for mini-display port. But probably doesn't matter: a mini-display port to display port cable will cost as much as a hdmi to vga cable or adapter.

  6. Increasingly HDMI and USB (and Ethernet) are just about the only ports on laptops anymore. No more VGA and PS/2. Probably won't be on desktops much longer either.

  7. Clayton, you may be able to stand the popup, but don't be surprised when one day you wake up and find your computer is running Windows 10. It will happen. Microsoft *will* rape your computer, and won't ask permission before or after.

    Seriously. This happened to Larry Niven and Dr. Jerry Pournelle both. (I read about it on Dr. Pournelle's blog:
    but that was some time ago, and I haven't the time right now to try and find exactly where he talked about it- but I do recall that Larry Niven was "shaken" since his work could have been badly affected- and he liked the setup that he had, and was familiar with.)

    I have a laptop that I let be taken over by the Win 10 malware. It looks OK, but today as I updated it I discovered that the "Taskbar and Start Menu Properties" won't let me customize the taskbar, nor can I get it to exit; so I started the task manager- which doesn't work any longer and also won't exit. I've rebooted twice but the problem remains, and I have little hope of any help from Microsloth. Fortunately I don't often use this laptop, so I plan to reformat it and put it back to Win 7, someday when I have the time.

    If you don't take steps against it, you WILL have Windows 10, so I hope you like it when it arrives (unannounced!) and that you don't lose any work because of its arrival! Oh, and... good luck!