Sunday, June 19, 2016

In the Idaho-Statesman

Pressure Cookers.


  1. Well written. The ridiculous comments in response though are disgusting and sad (and scary). Even more so if they are actually being written by people in Idaho!

    Hopefully nothing awful will make it through next weeks congress sessions. I already used the NRA page to write my own message to all four of our congressional delegation.

    An NPR show today (Here and Now I think) was celebrating that if Hillary wins Heller will be thrown out and how evil that decision granting an individual right is and which they insist didn't exist before that ruling. So the left, progressive, anti-gun fanatics clearly have a strategy to disarm us. The show really harped on how they can exert regulation of the right.

    Taxpayer funding for NPR and PBS needs to be killed. That or start giving equal time to other views, but we know they will never do that. Their bias is disgusting and blatant.

    And as I type this I hear a news story about calls on a march against the GOP convention--no surprise. I predict there will be riots against Trump win or lose that will make the 60's and 70's marches look like a love-fest. All the more reason we need to be armed. It is going to get far uglier soon. And you know they will use that as another reason to deny rights to anyone who disagrees with them.

    Take care.

  2. Good article, and I agree that the commenters there are a sad reflection of the idiocy prevalent in Idaho.

    Some of them sound as silly as commenters here in CA!

  3. I'm hoping most of them are out of state, but sadly those East coast and Left coast liberals are moving to SW Idaho (AKA Treasure Valley)

  4. What I would like to know is, just how many of the Orlando dead were killed by the perp's rifle, and how many with his pistol? He had both, and a lot of ammo for both.

    A lot of wind would leave many sails if it turned out that the pistol was used more than the rifle....