Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Entering the World Without Employer-Paid Insurance Soon

When I started work for the State of Idaho, I signed up for and started paying for Short-Term Disability coverage, and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  They have been paying a nice chunk of money every month since I retired on disability, and as long as I am on their plan, I get to buy health insurance through the state at cost for my wife and me.  Yes, that's an enormous benefit.
But the short-term disability company just reminded me that as of February 2, if there is any sort of employment that I can do (not just my old occupation of software engineer, but presumably Wal-Mart greeter) they stop paying and my wonderful health insurance deal with the state ends.  This is not quite as tragic as it sounds.  Two years of disability (February 2) and I am Medicare eligible.  My wife is another matter, so my plan is to enroll both of us in one of the Christian Health Sharing ministries.  (Me, to cover any expenses that Medicare doesn't. The additional cost to cover both of us instead of just her is pretty minor.)

The good news is that at least for Samaritan Ministries, my stroke and aortic valve surgery are far enough back to not be considered pre-existing conditions.  Medishare: "Eligible for up to $100000 in sharing if there are no symptoms of pre-existing conditions for 36 consecutive months."  By February 2 I will be well past that for my heart surgery and close to it for my heart attack. Last stroke was in 2015 so... I have seen very positive comments about Samaritan and Christian Healthcare Ministries (often from my readers!) and no negatives about Medishare.  Is there any other operation along these lines I should be looking at?

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  1. Liberty HealthShare is another. I have no personal experience with it.