Tuesday, January 20, 2015

very cool Android app

The app is called SkyEye and it is a free planetarium simulator that you point at the sky and it shows you what the different constellations are where you are pointing your device as well as planets and stars and galaxies..

update: d just to clarify: uses the GPS and directions were pointing it doesn't look at stars In the sky figure out what constellations you're looking at.


  1. It does sound like a neat app, although I suspect our city skies might foil it. I'll try it out anyway. I'm sorry to hear about your stroke. I hope you're getting better. I'll take it as a warning that I ought to be taking better care of myself.

    Mark Bondurant

  2. Hmmm . . . I count six SkyEyes in the Google Apps store.

  3. I've had "Star Walk" for several years:


  4. SkyEye is not available on iTunes.

    I have an app called "Moon." It gives all the details about the phases, location, rising and setting times, distance, et al. I downloaded it because my daughter (three years old) is obsessed with the moon. Honestly, I had not given the moon all that much thought. When you can't find the moon (behind a tree or house, it hasn't risen,) it becomes a really big deal to a three year old.

  5. I've seen others apps that do this.

    On my phone, I've got "Sky Map", or some such.

    It appears to NOT rely on the camera. Instead, it relies on internal sensors/compass to get orientation. That, plus other data about Date/Time/Location, allows it to show me where the stars and planets are in the sky.