Saturday, January 3, 2015

One of the Best Purchases I Have Made

Agricover SnowSport 180 plow:
Here's mt wife backing it out with the blade in the up position.

And here she is putting it in down position:

And backing up and plowing.  Note how the blade backs up in reverse.

And from inside the vehicle:


  1. Wow, talk about your minimalist snow plow!
    That last bit from inside seems a bit fast, if actually plowing. I'm used to more drag sounds, although the plow I ran had no rubber parts, just steel. ( mid 60's in a Willy's Wagon)

    With that single underframe mount, I would not try moving old snow (crusty/icy-solid), and would limit off-center (road edge) type snow moving. The side load could buckle that mount.

    Can the height be set? If you get a late start on a heavy snowfall, being able to take a partial depth cut can be the difference in plowing or not, especially if the snow is higher than the blade height. Traction and HP, along with ground clearance, are the balancing factors to deal with.

    I was plowing store parking lots before I had a driver's license. Dad said the cops wouldn't bother anyone driving a snowplow! After 24hrs, you tend to get a bit fuzzy thinking, though. A big storm might have me running that plow for several days, with the occasional nap. (suburbs of Philly) Did this for a couple years or so.

  2. Height is set by resistance from the ground; it rides up on the frame to where gravity allows.