Monday, January 12, 2015

Study: Men Who Post Selfies Show Psychopathic Tendencies

From CBS Cleveland:
COLUMBUS, Ohio (CBS Cleveland) – Men who regularly posted photos of themselves online scored higher on a measure for narcissism and psychopathy.

According to Medical News Today, a study out of Ohio State University has found that men who took “selfies” were more likely to exhibit psychopathic traits when compared to control group.

Google search for "Obama selfies" returns about 20,900,000 results.  Why am I not surprised?


  1. What about for women? ON the basis of my observations, either "lots of selfies" is normal, or I know a lot of female psychopaths.

  2. Women, for cultural reasons, are much more focused on their looks than men. I suspect the narcissism is true for wqomen selfiers.