Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Tragedies of Weight Loss

When getting ready to go testify before the State Affairs Committee,  I tried on my suit, which was already getting a bit big on me after the aortic valve replacement, and it was tragic: my wife said it looked like a four-year-old wearing Daddy's suit.


  1. Your situation is a nasty way to lose weight, but you are better off losing the weight, as long as the process doesn't go too far. I am having to battle my way back down, following Weight Watchers (since February 2006, an overweight lifetime member). I was sorry to learn how things have turned out for you and hope you can recover fully.

  2. I don't wear suits, often. About four years ago, I bought a nice one for my mother's funeral.

    A couple of years later, I started eating food, instead of crap, and lost 80 pounds in six months.

    One of these days I'm going to donate it.

  3. I purchased my first "good" suit from an independent men's clothier when I was in my 20's but still gangly like a teenager. Within a few years I had bulked up quite a bit, and I went back to them to see if there was any chance of salvaging it to fit me.
    I have no idea where they found all the extra cloth within the garment, but they had no trouble adjusting both the trousers and coat up to fit my new shoulders and waist.
    I've done the same in reverse -- a suit from Goodwill that was very obviously a fantastically high-quality suit in both cloth and construction, but too big for me. I paid a tailor $100 to alter it, which involved removing and replacing the arms from the jacket in order to narrow the shoulders, and adjusting every seam. It gets compliments, and my total investment is $110 plus cleaning.