Saturday, January 31, 2015

Pictures For My Mother

I am having trouble getting these images to her by email.   The rest of you can ignore.

In case you were wondering, my mother is 98, and her eyesight is declining.  She needs a laptop that she can read, even in 800x600 resolution, so I photographed my new toy, with both the native screen, and a 20" minitor in 800x600 mode.

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  1. My father has macular degeneration and I can tell you that you can't do much better than a 42" screen set to slightly lower than 1080p resolution coupled with a Mac Mini to drive it. The only big reason for the Mac is that it does a much better job at reading text on the screen with its built-in program than any Windows reader I've found, even the pay ones. I just had to set the Mac to +15% of the default speed to get it so my father liked it.