Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Emerging Epstein Scandal

In case you missed it, there is an enormous sex scandal involving a billionaire named Jeffrey Epstein, a very well connected person who has gone onto the "who?" list since he started pleading guilty to charges involving sex slave minors:

Prince Andrew abused an underage girl at an orgy where she was being used as a sex slave, it was sensationally claimed last night.

In an extraordinary legal allegation, a woman said she was ‘forced’ to have sex with him at parties in London, New York and the Caribbean.

Last night the prince issued a strongly-worded denial, with Buckingham Palace saying ‘any suggestion of impropriety with underage minors is categorically untrue’. But his alleged victim immediately hit back by saying she would not be ‘bullied into silence by aggressive attacks’.

The woman – named only as Jane Doe #3 but said to be 30-year-old Virginia Roberts – says in court documents she was told to ‘give the prince whatever he demanded’ by his friend Jeffrey Epstein, the US billionaire paedophile who hosted the sordid parties.

She claimed she and other underage girls were ‘procured for sexual activities’ by Ghislaine Maxwell, the socialite daughter of crooked tycoon Robert Maxwell.

Miss Maxwell is alleged to have facilitated the prince’s ‘abuse’ of the girl, after helping Epstein to convert her ‘into what is commonly referred to as a sex slave’

Epstein was suspected nearly a decade ago of paying for sex with dozens of underage girls. The FBI ultimately dropped its investigation and, in a ‘plea bargain’, he admitted a single offence and served 13 months of an 18-month jail sentence.
The documents, filed at West Palm Beach Federal Courthouse in Florida, are part of an ongoing civil dispute between Epstein and four of his alleged victims. The latest issue refers to his plea-bargain which two unnamed victims, Jane Doe #1 and Jane Doe #2, say prosecutors should not have agreed.

Jane Doe #3 and Jane Doe #4 have joined their legal action. Last night there was no response to requests for comment from Miss Maxwell. Epstein’s lawyer, Jack Goldberger, said the allegations were ‘old and salacious and ‘been consistently proven to have no merit’.

No clue was given to the identity, but the court documents say Epstein’s ‘lending’ of young girls to prominent international figures – foreign presidents and US politicians and businessmen among them – was to ‘ingratiate’ himself and ‘so that he could potentially blackmail them’.
From his 97-page ‘black book’ of phone numbers and email addresses, it is clear Epstein had an impressive array of contacts.

When its contents were disclosed three years ago, the book was shown to include contact details for former US President Bill Clinton, ex-secretary of state Henry Kissinger, and Barbara Walters, then one of America’s most influential broadcasters.
It makes you wonder how much of the sleaziness of politics involves underage girls.  I suspect at least part of why many politicians are so relaxed about sexual orientation is that many have their own embarrassing/unlawful preferences that need to stay under wraps, and once you have  your own degrading behaviors, how easy is it to feel morally superior to others?  The pursuit of children as sex partners, has been a big part of being a political leader at least since Tiberius.


  1. Apparently Alan Dershowitz was accused also, but he's fighting back. Some say, the accusation is just meant to tie his hands because he came out against yes means yes.

  2. Here's the article on Dershowitz:

  3. On the other hand, Jane Doe has made other accusations that have been proven to be impossible. But as the UVA case has shown, the idea that female rape victims are unimpeachable witnesses is not entirely true, and very poor jurisprudence.

  4. The pursuit of children as sex partners has been a big part of being a political leader at least since Tiberius.

    It varies.

    The Roman emperor Galba was a homosexual who didn't mess with boys. According to Suetonius, he preferred sturdy older men (like himself).

    Disraeli was a habitual philanderer, but his affairs were with married society women.

    On the other hand, Gladstone was known to approach streetwalkers and try to reform them, and flagellated himself to purge the feelings of lust this caused.

    Clinton and Tiberius are IMO extreme cases.