Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Ever Wanted To See Melanie Griffith In Bed With A Lion

No, it's work safe; she grew up in a house with a lion as pet.

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  1. Last night (Wednesday 1/14) an episode of the Bionic Woman aired (on Boise channel 39.2) called "Claws" that featured Tippi Hedren with Neil the lion (or at least a Lion she so identified) at an animal refuge (she played another character and not herself).

    See this entry on the episode.

    See this article linked in the above episode summary about the photo shoot you have a link to and Tippi's later admission that having a large cat freely moving around was rather foolish. In the 60's/70's for some that didn't seem so crazy.

    It would definitely be cool to be able to provide safely and humanly run sanctuaries for such wildlife. The food and vet bills would be staggering though! You have to be able to hire staff---no way one or just a few people could keep up with it. I've seen too many shows on networks like Animal Planet where well meaning, but unqualified and way too poor people, try to have large numbers of animals and/or wild ones and how the animals end up suffering and it spirals out of control.

    Then there is Christian the Lion who has been covered by many stories, tv shows and movies.

    Great pictures in your link.