Thursday, January 29, 2015

Gallery of Guns

I saw this ad on the back cover of Shotgun News, and decided to give it a try.  I searched for what I wanted, entered my zipcode, and it gave me a list of nearby gun stores, and what it would cost me, paid what was probably the distributor's cost a week ago, and today, I picked it up at Impact Guns.  This being one of the free parts of the U.S., my carry permit skipped waiting period and background check.

That's a Walther licensed Colt 1911A1 in .22LR with a 12 round  magazine.  Apparently most parts interchange with a 1991A1, it weighs a bit more than two pounds empty, and I suspect it will make a nice and fun training aid for my Government Model, Browning Hi-Power and several other similar pistols that I sometimes carry.

UPDATE: I still have not fired it, but it has a 6 pound trigger.  This may improve with some shooting.

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  1. Thinking about getting one of these

    to start teaching my little gurl to shoot pistols with.