Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Good News: The Flat Earth Society Agrees With Obama About Global Warming

A few days ago, Obama insulted those who are skeptical of the Anthropogenic Global Warming claims by comparing them to the Flat Earth Society.  But this article from the June 25, 2013 Salon interviews the Flat Earth Society's president concerning AGW -- and he agrees with Obama!
As it turns out, there is a real Flat Earth Society and its president thinks that anthropogenic climate change is real. In an email to Salon, president Daniel Shenton said that while he “can’t speak for the Society as a whole regarding climate change,” he personally thinks the evidence suggests fossil fuel usage is contributing to global warming.
“I accept that climate change is a process which has been ongoing since beginning of detectable history, but there seems to be a definite correlation between the recent increase in world-wide temperatures and man’s entry into the industrial age,” he said. “If it’s a coincidence, it’s quite a remarkable one. We may have experienced a temperature increase even without our use of fossil fuels since the Industrial Revolution, but I doubt it would be as dramatic as what we’re seeing now.”
Of course, Salon has a very progressive readership, so one of the comments:
That was a remarkably civilized  comment by Daniel Shenton. I'm tempted to join the FES to reward their politeness and, lets face it, their spokesman's views are more scientific and rational on this point than the Republicans and their wealthy backers. A pleasant exchange. 

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  1. And the Kenyans agree with him on voter ID, sorta.