Monday, June 17, 2013

Oxycodone Dreams

I took oxycodone for several days for pain; the dreams were incredibly sad,when they weren't grossly brutal.  One dream I had was so horrifying that I will not write it down, for fear that it might become the origins of a progressive political movement, rather like how Edward Abbey's The Monkey-Wrench Gang became the blueprint for an ecological terrorist group.  The core idea of the dream makes genocide seem pretty humane by comparison.

The CT scan last week found a mass in my left kidney (not the one with the stone) that is likely just a simple cyst, but to be sure, the urologist has me scheduled for a dye contrast CT scan this morning.  I still don't feel wonderful, but I think I am going to go back to work, just in case there are other parts of this process that will gobble up sick time later.

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  1. Oxycodone made me loopy when I was awake. I was having the weirdest thoughts, and I knew that they were strange, but I couldn't stop having them. No voices telling me to kill anyone, just strange things. I don't see how people can take that stuff for fun, but of course everyone is different.

    Hope your health issues clear up soon.