Sunday, June 9, 2013

"I Was Born This Way"

June 9, 2013 American Thinker.  I tried very hard to get more mainstream conservative publications to take this...


  1. Interesting article. I see that you have attracted some of the lower life forms who resort to personal attacks, obfuscation, changing the subject, and other dirty "debate" tricks engaged in by the vicious left. May you rise above the personal attacks, and the intellectually vacant opprobrium. Live long, in Peace and good health, and prosper.

  2. It's just about certain that for some people, homosexual orientation is indeed inborn. Perhaps not "genetic" but the result of prenatal influences (possibly interacting with genetic conditions).

    It's also certain that for some people, homosexual activity is a choice.

    The former are useful excuses for the latter.

    There are also different forms of homosexuality. There are males who desire to bugger boys. There are males who desire to be buggered. Both are classed as "homosexual". The Roman Emperor Tiberius got off on having boys "nibble" on his naked body in a bath; but the later Emperor Galba "showed a decided preference for mature, sturdy men", according to Suetonius.

    The prevalence of bondage and sadomasochism among male homosexuals (and lesbians) invites this question: is there a "normal" form of homosexuality?

    I don't think so.

    Indeed, I would question whether it is possbile

    There is also of course a range of strength of sexual desire. Some people are a lot more interested than others.

  3. You have entered X state biochemically. Entering X state can be caused by {list of Y factors}.

    Why is dogmatically believing that Y must be 1 (and a highly particular 1 at that) when X is homosexuality anything other than anti-science?

  4. A very well written article. I'm glad that scientists are being able to investigate and publish these again. They are the start of a return to real conversation.