Wednesday, June 26, 2013

"Take Him To Detroit!"

You may remember an early movie by the creators of Airplane! titled Kentucky Fried Movie.  Yes, crude in places, but with a marvelously funny parody of martial arts movies called A Fistful of Yen that worked so well that I have seen it show as its short subject.  There's a great threat by the evil warlord to get the brave CIA agent quaking in his boots, read to talk: "Take him to Detroit!"  The Shekel keeps us up to date on what is probably America's second most corrupt and incompetent city government:
Detroit City Clowncil Starting To Abandon A Sinking Ship
Like rats abandoning a sinking ship, Detroit's City Council members are rapidly heading for the exit as the city flounders in default and decay.
First, Kwame Kenyatta resigned, and good riddance.
Next, the President of the City Council Chgarles Pugh under very strange circumstances. just took a 4 week medical leave of absence with pay after - something not provided for in the City's charter, and for which he's being told by the EFM Orr to either show up and do his job or resign.


  1. Thanks for the link. Watching the goings-on in Detroit is akin to seeing a slow-motion train wreck -you already know a lot of what's coming and it's not pretty.

  2. Adding to the train wreck, it just was revealed that City Council President Charles Pugh may have taken his unprecedented leave of absence due to the only thing that can shame a Democrat from office - a dead girl or a live boy. in this case, it's alleged to be a boy.

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