Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Yes, These Categories Do Overlap

One of the recurring statements of faith in the mainstream media is that child sexual abusers are never or almost never homosexuals.  If they are, they are almost always deeply closeted, trying very hard to pretend to be straight.  But this is simply not true.  I have found quite a number of examples over the years of very loud and proud homosexuals who were also child molesters.  Here's yet another, a USC professor who was recently arrested by Mexican police and deported to the U.S. after making the FBI's Top Ten list on allegations of sexual abuse of children and making child pornography.  From the June 20, 2013 New York Post:
A federal indictment accused him of traveling to the Philippines in January 2011 to engage in sex acts with two 14-year-old boys he met online in 2010. A federal arrest warrant was issued for the former Palm Springs, Calif., resident in April.
Authorities say he produced sexually explicit photos of one of the boys, which he brought back to Los Angeles County.
FBI agents are also investigating how he had access to money while in Mexico and whether he was being helped, FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller said.
The investigation started in 2011 after a student at USC notified authorities that Williams may have targeted young boys for sex. Soon the FBI was involved and learned that Williams was returning from a two-week trip to the Philippines; a search warrant was obtained.
Williams was questioned at the airport and two computers and a camera were confiscated by authorities who later allegedly found child pornography and evidence he was engaged in sex acts with young boys, said LAPD Assistant Chief Michel Moore.
Williams is described in the article as someone who "taught history, anthropology and gender studies" at USC.  His publication history is extensive, and leaves no question about his public identification:
"Being Gay and Doing Fieldwork" in Out in the Field: Reflections of Lesbian and Gay Anthropologists (1996)
"Being gay and doing research on homosexuality in non‐western cultures" in Journal of Sex Research (1993)
"Two-spirit persons: Gender nonconformity among Native American and Native Hawaiian youths" in The Lives of Lesbians, Gays, and Bisexuals: Children to Adults (1996)
Ah, perhaps he was just doing "field work" with those 14 year old Filipino boys.

Most homosexuals are not child molesters, but the continuing pretense that homosexual child molesters do not exist, or are incredibly rare, or are always closeted, is false.

UPDATE: Even the gay community has some things to say about this guy:
Full disclosure: I knew Walter Williams when he got USC to accept ONE Gay & Lesbian Archives in the mid-1990s. He seemed creepy and an egotistical bore, but I had no idea he might have exploited children, as the indictment alleges. I did know that Mattachine Society founder Harry Hay—who was my neighbor and friend—hated Walter with a passion. Harry told me that Walters’ most famous book, The Sprit and the Flesh: Sexual Diversity in American Indian Culture, was full of lies and that the Native Americans Walters claimed to have lived with and studied also hated him and at one point ran him off their territory (a point later brought up by an independent source). When I asked Walter about this, he dismissed everything Harry had to say as the mutterings of an old, embittered man who was losing his faculties. After all, Walter implied, "Who are you going to believe? An old codger whose day was long gone, or him, a Ph.d who was a tenured professor at USC?" For every question I had, Walter had an explanation that made sense, and he seemed to be getting USC on-board to preserve LGBT history.
What I did not know about until today was that Walter was rumored to have slept with the young androgynous Native American men who were his sources for The Spirit and The Flesh, according to one very knowledgeable source who said Walter left a string of broken hearts as he moved on from one group to another. There was a lot of “buzz” among gay and lesbian anthropologists that what Walter had done and the way he collected information was “unethical” and he might have even “crossed a line,” the source said. But no one ever really wrote about it or challenged him because he had a way of ruining reputations and winning arguments.
How did I miss this?
LIVE FULLY:PERSONAL ESSAYS ON HOW TO MAXIMIZE YOUR LIFEbyWALTER L. WILLIAMS, Ph.D.Professor of Anthropology, History, and Gender StudiesUniversity of Southern CaliforniaLos Angeles CA 90089-4352
 I am almost afraid to look at the first essay -- does it involve airline tickets to desperately poor countries?

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