Thursday, June 6, 2013

Classic Schizophrenia Symptoms

From June 6, 2013 Fox News Latino:
After he said he heard voices coming through the television telling him to go to his mother's house and "get the clones out," a New Mexico man stabbed, severely beat and kidnapped his mother and another person, and then threw his mother off a bridge into the Rio Grande in broad daylight, according to a criminal complaint.
Martin Montano, 26, told detectives that he tossed his 61-year-old mother, Hope Montano, from a bridge in Albuquerque on Tuesday after stabbing and choking her at her home, the complaint said.

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Not the first time that Mantano has been in trouble with the law:
Records show that Montano was arrested in August 2012 for false imprisonment and battery against his mother. In that case, Montano was seen by officers restraining his mother from opening the door to allow police in and pushing her to the ground shouting, "you have demons in you."
Police said Montano's mother declined to give a written statement at the time but requested information on getting a protective order against her son.

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You wonder what it costs to keep ignoring these problems, instead of providing the help that Montano clearly needed?

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  1. But it didn't happen with a gun, so the mother's death, while regrettable is somehow less so to the hoplophobes.