Wednesday, November 21, 2012

That New Yorker Cover Is Closer To Reality Than I Thought

You know this masterful satire on how New Yorkers see the world:

There is way more truth to it than I feared.  My wife was talking to someone today who had been on medical mission to West Africa.  During a layover in Boston, he got to talking to the locals in a bar, who were very friendly, loved his "accent" and wanted to know more about him.  When they found out he was from Idaho, the next question was, "How's your Indian problem out there?"


  1. And some of them often also view us Westerners as uneducated idiots, bigots, racists, gun-toting, anti-scientific and religious fanatics.

    So much for the so-called sophistication and erudition of some of these big city folk...

  2. I've lived in the shadows of NYC in New Jersey(doubly unfortunately)for most of my life. New Yorkers really think their crap doesn't stink. The drive like maniacs and inflate the cost of housing for those born and raised in NJ.

  3. "Well, it's been a lot less hair-raising since Chief Joseph surrendered. . ."

    I wonder what sort of "Indian problem he was referring to, exactly?

  4. There is a similar view from the other end of the country. Some years back when a fellow Hoosier and I were chatting up a young lady at a bar in LA, we found she was a native Californian, a real beach blonde.

    When we told her we were from Indiana, she asked if that was near Dallas, because she had flown thru DFW one time. Just to keep it simple, we told her yes.

    In her case I think it was more ignorance than snobbishness, but not a lot of daylight between those two sometimes.