Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I Am So Depressed...

But this is probably inevitable.  We turned the popular culture over to people who worship sex in all its myriad forms, and then we are surprised that someone running for office manages to turn a destroyed economy into a question about whether contraception should be free...and voters decide that a fringe benefit worth a few dollars a month is more important than having a job?


  1. After all this. it looks like Sebelius' attack on Christians with the contraceptive/abortifacient mandate was smart politics. It allowed them to raise the bogus war on women and get all the foolish single women out there to vote to keep the republicans from doing some unknown but evil thing to them.

  2. Well, I'm going Galt.

    My last day on the job is Friday, and then I retire. Just in time!

  3. I'm listening to Messiah Barry O give the acceptance speech as I type this and trying to keep from puking.

    Besides silliness like contraception you forgot to include how they convinced enough that Romney/Ryan will:

    Turn old people into Soylent Green
    Deport all Mexicans
    Put Black people back in chains
    take school children out of schools and force them to work in mines
    make the 99% wage labor slaves
    poison everyone with dirty water and air
    and on and on....

    RR sure did a poor job of countering that though in their defense they only had one TV network on their side with the rest praising the Kenyan of a Virgin birth!

    I'm sure all these kids with their degrees in Socialogical, lesbian, african-american, transgender studies or whatever it's called are counting on an Obama government job soon!

    I guess the rest of us had better get with the program and start worshiping the great Messiah Barry O. Reincarnation of Christ, Dr King and Karl Marx.

    The only think worse than the crap in the speech is the news commentators I'm hearing on both TV and radio as I write this gushing over Barry O. Sounds like they are praising the Lord and Savior.

    Better grab the barf bag before I have to clean my keyboard.

  4. Anonymous at 12:10am:

    In all fairness, I find it difficult to disagree with this observation from the Legal Insurrection Twitter feed last night:

    Joshua Treviño @jstrevino

    This is actually a big deal. You have to class Obama possibly the most important President since Reagan now. Bill Clinton is eclipsed.

    And on our host's topic, and my current theme that polls are no longer trustworthy (not for Team Romney or Obama in 2012, and in this case e.g. the Gallup political position one, which revealed preference has trumped):

    Jedediah Bila @JedediahBila

    I always hear "We are a center-right country." No. A center-right country does not elect Barack Obama twice. Time to re-evaluate.

  5. The Progressives I know (lots of them, living in Oregon) are all quite certain that if Only The Republicans Would Stop "Obstructing", The President Could Make Jobs.

    I agree that that belief is foolish, but it is a belief they do actually hold.

    In their calculus they weren't choosing between "lady parts" and "jobs" - they were choosing both.

  6. I'm listening to Howard Dean on NPR (yes I like punishment) as I write this (11/7/12 12:45) he is saying that the Republican loss is proof that the culture wars are over and the Dems have won. He is probably correct.

    I don't see the Republicans ever having the white house again unless they move to the center or perhaps even left of center. Probably best for them to just focus on Congress from here on out.

    Dean also is talking about eliminating the electoral college by getting a law in place that says every state must pledge all of their electoral votes to whoever has the most national popular votes! This is obviously to basically make the Red states vote Blue no matter what! Discriminate against the states with fewer people!

    Of course talk is cheap and such a bill may never get passed (certainly not with an R house) but you have to admit that is scary!!!!

  7. What cannot continue forever, won't. We are near the end of "other people's money." The Fed auctions have been mostly an in-house deal for some time now. We are printing money to fund the government. That won't end well.

  8. Anonymous at 12:51: Dean's proposals for the Electoral College are a non-starter since this sort of change would require a Constitutional Amendment and therefore a bunch of smaller states forfeiting their relevance on the national stage.

    People have also been noticing there are very plausible scenarios where California, pledged to do this, will find their EC votes going to a Republican candidate who won the popular vote but lost in both the state and the EC.

  9. "I don't see the Republicans ever having the white house again unless they move to the center or perhaps even left of center."

    We tried moving to the center in 2008 and 2012. Third time's a charm?

    Long ago I worried that Romneycare undermined Romney's fiscal credibility. Romney is not fluent enough in free markets, and thus lacked the ability to present a clear alternative to the still-unpopular Obamacare. I wish he'd devoted some time to addressing Obamacare's worst feature, the Independent Payment Advisory Board.

  10. True that Romney in many ways is no different than Obama as you mention with the example of Romneycare.

    When did the Republican party back off from being anti-Abortion or being against gay marriage? What about some form of amnesty for illegals? Legalization of drugs?

    That's what I'm referring to. And no I am not saying I'm personally in favor of any of those. I am just observing obvious trends in the electorate.

    Clearly the under 40 crowd in a large margin wants the above. You can't win a national election without that voting block.

    I predict the Republicans will go that way in the next decade or two or will split into two parties. It will definitely happen as the older "traditional" folks die off.

    I know there are people under 40 who voted Libertarian more for the social issues than the fiscal reason (more because of the corporate control of both parties).

    Still not sure how the Republicans can overcome the perceived anti-minority "people of color" stance or anti-woman one (outside of accepting abortion). More leadership of those two in the party might help.

    The Republican party is going to have to change or split into ways we won't like. That is unless lots of minorities and young people embrace what we believe and I just don't see that happening. Maybe a total financial crisis will make it happen, but I doubt it.

  11. For all the talk of how Republicans need to be more libertarian -- 51% of the population identifies themselves as pro-life. Blacks in America usually vote against gay marriage. A thin majority of voters this year indicated that the government does too much. Yet Obama won.

    Pretty clearly, low information voters are a strong point for the Democrats -- people who think of themselves as pro-life, traditional marriage -- but still voted for Obama because of his skin color, or because Romney is rich (unlike poor little Obama), or because Republicans are engaged in a "war on women." It is amazing what people are prepared to buy if they are ignorant or extremely emotional or racist.

  12. Sigivald, " if Only The Republicans Would Stop "Obstructing", The President Could Make Jobs."

    Ignoring the fact that before the 2010 midterms the Dems controlled both houses, and even controlled the Senate with a filibuster-proof majority, they still found the powerless minority to be obstructionist, this repeated whine that the plans are good, but there are obstrutionists preventing their natural fruition reminds me of 30's USSR.
    As you will recall from much post Stalin literature, quotas were set, and when they were not met, the search went out for "saboteurs" and "counter revolutionaries" who were to blame for insufficent deliveries.
    Saboteurs and counter revolutionaries are old words for obstructionists, of course.
    I anticipate show trials.