Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thanks To Those Who Are Buying From Amazon...

via the Amazon search tool on the right.  I get a chance to look at the items that sold because of this, and the variety of stuff always amazes me.  One of you recently bought an Apple iPad -- and it put $25 in my pocket.  Even the little stuff ($0.07 revenue on some iPad screen protectors) adds up!  And best of all: it doesn't cost you any more to do it this way.


  1. Hey Clayton,

    I'm planning on buying a few things through amazon in the near future. So when I do I'll be sure to use the widget.

    Could you elaborate on how to use the Amazon search widget? Do I need to search for every item using the widget? or can I just click the link, go to amazon, and shop normally? Thanks

  2. Once you click over to Amazon from that widget, everything you purchase during that session is credited to my advertising account. Alternatively, click