Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Bit Big To Ship

Troy-Bilt 24" 2-Stage Snowthrower - $350 (Horseshoe Bend)

We bought this 24" wide, 2-stage snowthrower in 2006, and it has worked well -- but we have a 600 foot long driveway. We're getting a snowplow on our SUV instead. In a suburban setting, or even a reasonable length driveway, this would be a great choice. It throws snow and breaks up ice. It have five forward gears and two reverse gears, so you are not pushing it up the hill. It works well -- we just can't handle being outside for 90 minutes in driving snow to clear our driveway! (Yes, we're wimps.)

Included is an elasticized cover, some of the replacement parts that you are going to need (the little shear pins that hold the augurs to the drive shaft and a replacement drive belt).

You can buy this new at Lowe's for $600 with tax. For $350, you get one that is barely used, and has had regular oil changes throughout its life.


  1. You won't have sidewalks too small for the plow, or odd unplowable corners?

  2. No unplowable corners. Once the snow starts to fall with any seriousness, it is either falling on places we don't walk (because it is likely to be slick and slippery even if the snow is removed) or it is under the covered parts of the roof and patio. Generally, when we are getting that much snow, we only leave the house by vehicle.

  3. I'd consider but here in Boise I can only think of maybe at most a handful of times in ~25 years where I would have really needed or used a blower for my driveway.

    In my neighborhood everyone uses their riding lawn mowers or ATV's with an attached plow.

  4. Sell it quick, Clayton! Soon nobody will need a snowplow, thanks to global warming!!!
    (nudge nudge, wink wink)