Tuesday, November 6, 2012

If We Can't Beat Obama In An Economy This Bad...

It's all over. I am beginning to sympathize with the neighbor we had in California who stopped voting because it didn't matter: he kept electing Presidents who promised to reduce the power of the federal government, and it never happened.


  1. It may well be over in this country (my suspicion for quite a while now, but I'm a political pessimist), but it's a great big world out there. Not everyone is welcoming the cold, dead embrace of socialist despotism.

  2. Both political parties are so corrupt and useless I don't see how we can ever get anything good out of either one.

    I can't see any real difference in either one other than social issues and our problems are a lot bigger than those!

    The only chance outside of Civil War is a third party, but with our system not designed to support more than two it will be a long and hard road.

    The Republican party will be forced to move to the left to get the minority, "woman" and youth vote so is dead as we now know it.

    The election was close, but it probably proves that as the older generations that make it up die off they will just continue to loose numbers to the urban youth party that is the Democrats with their belief that if a professor with a PhD says Marx is the only way to go he must be correct as he has all the learning and the huge CV. What a crock.

    Oh well....hope I can sleep tonight with all the worry and doubt I now feel!