Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Real Nudity

One of the reasons that I really can't take the whole San Francisco cultural ethos* seriously (except as a sign of severe decadence) is that the same government that keeps trying to disarm people in their own homes barely passed a ban on public display of genitals: 6-5 vote by the Board of Supervisors, and of course, a lawsuit has already been filed in federal court to prevent this interference with the free speech rights of a bunch of aging gay men who seem to think that they are oppressed if they are not allowed to engage in behavior that in most of America would be recognized as public lewdness.

For those who want to imagine that these exhibitionists represent a tiny little bunch of weirdos -- take a look at that vote of the supervisors: five of them were not prepared to criminalize genital displays even with this exception for public beaches and publicly funded festivals and parades.  And yes, the whipping of naked men event for sexual pleasure that is the Folsom Street event is publicly funded.  Something to think about the next time someone talks about the revenue crises that afflict California local government.

The tragedy of this is that I would not be at all surprised to see a federal judge issue an injunction.  Not because there is any merit to it.  But because so many lawyers have managed to create this insane alternative universe where Santa Monica's traditional Christmas displays are now a violation of the Constitution, comparable to a law prohibiting sexual exhibitionism.

This country deserves what it is going to get.  Unfortunately, decent people are going to get it too.

*That ethos, of course, is that of the Democratic Party as well, but with a little more restraint.

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