Saturday, November 17, 2012

I Had To Pinch-Hit For Our Pastor Last Sunday...

He was off in the wilderness, filling his meat locker for the year.  There's a high res and low res version of the sermon (about 140 MB vs. 20 MB).  It is about Hezekiah, his descendants as King of Judah, and what their actions set them up for -- and its relevance to America today.  The high resolution version is still uploading, so be patient if it is still early on Saturday evening.

I tried to put it up on YouTube, but it is too long, and I didn't feel like putting the effort into splitting it up.

Here's an MP3 version, for those who don't need the visuals.

UPDATE: This is an MP4 version that you Apple users can probably load and view.  (It is pretty big, so it may be late this evening before it finishes FTPing up.)


  1. Apparently "remember the Sabbath, to keep it holy" isn't the most important commandment, for the regular guy, huh?

  2. Safari can't download it. Any work around?

  3. Hmmmm. THey are WMV files, so if you are running on an Apple, you are out of luck. Let me create a MPG version. Or what video format is native for an Apple?

  4. It looks like MP4 is the best choice for those who want to watch on an Apple.

  5. Apple did supply WMV translators for QuickTime, but they now recommend using "Flip4Mac":

    … I've been using the free 'Player' for several years and have not had problems.


  6. If you post enough videos, YouTube will eventually authorize longer videos on your account (as long as nothing violates copyrights). I don't know if they need to be public or could be private. (Or just still images with no audio.)

  7. Good job Clayton. What software did you use to record it, and did it require much post-production work?



  8. Almost nothing, really. I actually re-recorded the audio at home, since I was just moving JPGs of the PowerPoint slides onto the video track, and using an MP3 that I recorded with Audacity. Then it was a matter of stretching the JPGs on the video track to match (roughly) with the audio that I dragged onto the voice audio track. I had to do a little editing here and there where I flubbed a line, and had to re-record.