Thursday, January 26, 2012

"We Know Where You Live"

Yes, part of a threat.  From the National Secular Society:

A talk on sharia and human rights by NSS Council Member Anne Marie Waters' at Queen Mary University of London was cancelled at the last moment because of an Islamist who made serious threats against everyone there.
Ms Waters was due to give a talk on behalf of the One Law for All campaign on 16 January but before it started, a man entered the lecture theatre, stood at the front with a camera and filmed the audience. He then said that he knew who everyone was, where they lived and if he heard anything negative about the Prophet, he would track them down.
The man also filmed students in the foyer and threatened to murder them and their families. On leaving the building, he joined a large group of men, apparently there to support him. Students were told by security to stay in the lecture theatre for their own safety.
Campus security apparently was reluctant to get involved:
The University’s security guard – a real gem –arrived first only to blame the speaker and organisers rather than those issuing death threats. He said: ‘If you will have these discussions, what do you expect?’ Err, to speak without being threatened with death maybe? 
It is unfortunate that the left has become so intent on seeing Islam as a victim that it refuses to take any action in support of free speech.  I don't much agree with groups like those linked above--but they certainly have the right to express their opinions without threats.  It is pretty apparent that Islam and freedom are incompatible.

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  1. This is a very strong argument for the right to keep and bear arms. Judging by their preferred choice of targets, the nutty side of Islam really really hates people who fight back.