Friday, January 6, 2012

Stuck in Airport

I get to Boise airport, and United informs us that the plane that was supposed to take us to Chicago did not arrive last night.  (Huh?  Did it get lost?)  I did not bring a notebook, so I am blogging through the experimental web browser of my Kindle 3, which works better than I would have expected, and lets me check email.

Browsing the web with a Kindle 3 is a bit frustrating.  You can see the limitations of the processor trying to render all the components on most pages.  The little square used as a substitute for a mouse is a bit clumsy as well.  Admittedly, this is like complaining that a Browning Hi-Power is not terribly accurate at 200 yards.


  1. Congratulations on browsing on your Kindle. I tried it once and have not been tempted again. Exploring web-pages on an iPod touch is far, far more enjoyable.


  2. I've actually used my Kindle with 3G for very light browsing when out of the country.

    Beats paying $19/mb to use international roaming data on my iPhone in Canada.