Thursday, January 5, 2012

Idaho Is Now A Caucus State

In 2008, Idaho picked its delegates to the Republican National Convention based on primary elections...but our primaries are in May, a bit late for Idaho to have any influence.  This time around, the Idaho GOP has decided to use a caucus system instead for picking (and binding) delegates to the RNC.
How does the Caucus work?
The first Tuesday in March, the day of Idaho’s Republican Presidential Nomination Caucus, every county in the state will hold a County Caucus.

 The voting will be conducted by secret ballot and takes place in successive rounds.  Each round, low vote-getters are eliminated.  Voting ends in either of two circumstances:  a) one candidate receives a supermajority of at least 60% of the vote; or b) only two final candidates remain on the ballot and the final vote is taken.

 Delegates for the Republican National Convention will be apportioned according to the Counties’ state convention apportionment and the voting totals from the County Caucuses with the proviso that any candidate who receives more than 50% of the statewide County Caucus delegates total will be awarded all the Idaho delegates for the Republican National Convention.
 I have some misgivings about this kind, but I can understand the logic of the change, too.  Now I just need to find out where Boise County will be holding its caucus.


  1. How do I find out who will be representing Caribou County at the 2012 caucus? How and when do they pick who the rep will be and how can we influence the vote. I feel like I just lost my vote.

  2. when and where is the Caribou GOP caucus for Pres. I havent heard a thing and feel like I just lost my vote.

  3. Search for the Caribou County (there is one of those?) GOP website. At least for Boise County, they give the details of how you participate.