Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Something Nice To Say About Ron Paul

There's an article about the 4000 babies that Ron Paul delivered in The Daily Beast:

Barbara Allen, 69, describes Paul’s bedside manner as “pretty much to the point”: assertive, professional, and reassuring in his competence, if not with flowery pep talks. She says Dr. Paul wasn’t the type for chitchat, but whenever conversation did stray from her pregnancy, it inevitably turned to libertarian issues.
“You went in and you got an education on the gold standard,” she says. “That’s what he talked about when you were on the table.”
And Paul put his overtaxed money where his Ayn Rand-quoting mouth was: he famously refused to accept Medicare and Medicaid payments from his patients, opting instead to provide free services to expectant mothers in need.
It is always gratifying to see that someone who talks the talk also walks the walk.  That is part of what I found so refreshing about Sarah Palin (and part of what the mainstream media found so infuriating about her): she thinks abortion is wrong, and even when it would be simpler (her Down's Syndrome baby) or less embarrassing (her unwed teen daughter), she sticks to her principles.

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  1. Speaking of Ron, USA Today has a candidate match quiz:


    My scores:

    Ron Paul - 57%
    Michelle Bachmann - 49.3%
    Newt Gingrich - 49.3%

    That means a really badly constructed political quiz, or a really weak Republican field. Or both.