Friday, January 13, 2012

Please: Tell Me This Is a Saturday Night Live Skit

BBC is reporting that attack ads against Romney are making a big deal of the fact that, like Senator John Kerry, Romney speaks French.  (He spent two years in France as a Mormon missionary.)

Oh please!  One of the strong points of Condoleeza Rice was that she was fluent in Russian (although there is some dispute about how fluent she really was), unlike the dimbulb who replaced her as Secretary of State, with somewhat comically bad consequences.  One of the strong points about Gingrich is that he is well-educated, and as the BBC article points out, his doctoral dissertation concerning Belgian educational policy in the Congo contains a number of French sources, and so presumably Gingrich can read French.

Let's not lower ourselves to the nasty joke about what do you call a person who can only speak one language? An American.

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