Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A New Fashion Statement: Tattoo Removal

From January 16, 2012 San Francisco Chronicle:

Hollywood actor Mark Wahlberg has taken on a painful personal project. He’s having all of his tattoos removed.
“It’s the most excruciating thing I’ve ever experienced,” Wahlberg, who stars in the new film“Contraband,” told David Letterman last week. “It’s like someone flicking hot bacon grease on you over and over and over again.”
He now has kids, and doesn't want them to get tattooed, so he takes the two older ones with him to watch how painful it is to get them removed.

I've always looked on tattoos and body piercings as a pretty negative thing, probably because of the association with circus freak shows, and very, very blue collar way of living.  But I also associate them now with people who clearly have too much money to waste.  When I see people dependent on governmental assistance (for either living or school) with sleeves (tattoos that cover the entire arm), it is rather like seeing welfare recipients with smart phones or cigarettes.  I ask myself, "Why do you need the government's help?  Because you spend money stupidly?"


  1. Tina Korbe at HotAir had an excellent post on Wahlberg in which Tina links to a video from CNN where he explains how faith turned his life around. I'd suggest you give it a listen. He's come a long way from the streets where these tats are the norm or even badges of pride.


  2. My brother and his wife have a friend who refers to her tattoo as "mommy's mistake".
    My brother also mentioned that our experience with tattoos growing up in the 60's involved seeing our uncle's blotchy, blurry black tattoo of whatever it was supposed to be. Not fashionable, not stylish, not attractive, and (in those days) not reversible.

  3. Tattoo remorse usually occurs around age 32. Even if you have a spouse that tolerates the tattoos, there usually comes a time when you come to realize that the tattoos have to go. Whether it be for the sake of your kids or a job. Fortunately with todays laser technologies, all tattoo ink colors can be removed with q-switching Nd:yag and ruby lasers.

  4. There are a lot of reasons for possibly wanting a tattoo removed – the positive element of tattoo removal is that you are no longer burdened with a tattoo you seriously regret. If a tattoo is holding you back from getting a job you want or keeps you from attaining goals you have set for yourself, a little pain and scarring may be worth it to you. If you have a gang-related tattoo and are no longer associating yourself with that gang or any gang (good for you!), it would be in your best interests to have it removed. If you have a tattoo that symbolizes hate or prejudice, I hope that you will decide that it is time to let it go. If you are wearing a tattoo of a past love and now you have a new special person in your life, it would be unkind to your new love NOT to get rid of the old tattoo.