Sunday, January 1, 2012

Scenic Idaho

Those who have only flown into Boise are often disappointed at how...uninteresting the landscape is.  But you don't have to drive too many hours to get the type of scenery that most people are expecting of Idaho, either high mountain forests or deep gorges.  These are some pictures from the road to Moscow, Idaho:

The Snake River runs through the Southern part of the state, causing a couple of pretty impressive waterfalls (although I was not there at a time when they had much flow) and some impressive gorges, such as the Shoshone Falls Gorge:

The somewhat less impressive gorge at Three Islands Crossing:

And the Twin Falls Gorge:

And while this picture looks rather redneck, it was actually taken in Moscow, Idaho, the home of the University of Idaho, and a pretty liberal part of the state:

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