Saturday, January 14, 2012

Proof That Nothing A Lawyer Does Interferes With Finding Employment

Who on earth would hire Steve Gibson after the entire Righthaven debacle, the frivolous emergency appeals, the apparent constant contempt of court, the missed deadlines, the abandonment of cases in process, and the sanctions against Righthaven? 
It seems to me that just hiring Gibson to work for you is defacto malpractice.
Perhaps Gibson has a really winning personality?  Or Dickinson Wright couldn't get Darth Vader to come to work for them, so they had to settle for second best?

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  1. Poor Anakin Skywalker believed in Palpatine's lies, swore an oath and remained loyal literally until the end. Gibson, it would appear after getting a law license, not so much.

    There! Like Luke I found some good in Anakin. I leave Mr. Gibson to the mercy of the Almighty.

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