Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wow! Newspaper Articles From a Parallel Universe!

The August 31, 2011 Idaho Statesman talks about how high demand is here for software engineers:

The tech job market nationwide hasn’t been this overheated since the dot-com bubble in the late 1990s. In the Treasure Valley, startups such as Clearwater, Balihoo and Cradlepoint are competing with the giants — Micron and Hewlett-Packard — for increasingly rare talent: senior software engineers, data analysts, Web designers and application developers.
“There’s a feeding frenzy for those guys,” said Dave Boren, founder of Clearwater Analytics.
“Many software engineers and developers can have two to three offers on the table, especially in Boise,” said Steven Guadagno, area director of Adecco Engineering and Technical, which has placed about 500 high-tech workers in Valley companies. “It’s similar to bigger-city markets, just on a smaller scale.”

Sure fooled me.


  1. Over 40 need not apply...

    I don't doubt there is probably a shortage of under 30 talent!

  2. Yeah, for 3-6 mo contracts, no benies or relocation assistance. I get bombarded with recruiters from Monster/CB/Dice/etc... but I always stop them quick and say, "willing to do remote access work?" --- that ends it right there. But come'on -- I can just pickup and move for 3 mos, I am a home owner with a family.

    Finally had a decent staff position come my way (after many years as contract consultant) and jumped on it. It basically dropped my gross by the exact amount of increased benefits I am now getting -- basically a wash with a little less income. Just on a tighter budget now, but who isn't?