Monday, August 8, 2011

Flash Mobs

There has been a bunch of racist mob attacks lately across the country (although the national media are ignoring it, because the victims are white); here's a guy who found a good solution to the mob.


  1. They have "their own" President so should be happy! Oh, wait he has not delivered for each one of them the nice new Black Escalade and fancy pad full of naked young women and drugs (their view of the modern day equivalent to the promise of "ten acres and a mule") so no wonder they are angry. HAH!

    I have a friend who years ago was back home in New Orleans (a few years before Katrina) and was faced with a "racist group" who wanted his truck. Had he not showed them the business end of his old Walther P-38 he might not be alive now.

    You'll appreciate this irony: he's an Obama supporter!!! He's a former college professor so I guess he can't help it (I guess that's what a PhD. does to one).

  2. Good for Mr. McBride! As far as the national media not covering it...

  3. It sure took them long enough. Had it been whites engaging in racially motivated attacks on blacks, it would have been covered far more quickly.