Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Scott Brown American Revolution Theme Campaign Ad

This was one of the most stirring campaign ads that I have ever seen, and I was hoping to use it for my class as an example of how the imagery of the American Revolution remains a powerful part of the American experience today.  Unfortunately, the original ad that was up on YouTube has been replaced with a version that talks about what a disgrace Scott Brown is.  I don't much disagree.  (He does represent Massachusetts, after all, so this is disappointing but unsurprising.)

Does anyone know where the original ad can be found?


  1. Disable the captions (In the red word ballon at the lower right of the video) and you can see the original.

  2. I don't live in Massachusetts, but I'm still glad that Scott Brown won instead of Martha Coakley. Even though he's not my idea of the perfect candidate, given the real world choice, I'm still glad he is in instead of Coakley.