Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Building a Shop

I am looking at building a shop for ScopeRoller.  One possibility is stick-built, and that's about $10,300 for an 18' x 20' shop (including building permits, and the concrete pad).  The other possibility is one of the steel kit buildings.  Rocket Steel Building's page showing assembly doesn't look too bad, and their P-series 20' x 20' is available right now for $6000, free shipping.  I would just have someone pour a 21' x 21' x 4" concrete pad, and supposedly you just bolt the arches together, and tip them up.  I suspect that this will be a lot stronger than a stick-built structure (and we do get some amazing winds up here).

Does anyone have experience doing this?  Is it as easy it as they make it look?

UPDATE: Usually, the time to make major purchases, to use the almost certainly apocryphal quote from Baron Rothschild, "is when there is blood in the street."  It worked well with the purchase of the Corvette and the Jaguar.  I am not seeing quite as dramatic bargain pricing in this market segment as I had hoped.

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  1. I suspect the cost for the concrete pad will go up; what you're describing is a "floating" slab, one with no footers. In a very few winters it will no longer be level, and have a number of cracks in it from irregular frost heaving. I'd strongly consider putting in footers that rest below the frost line, which is probably about 4 feet in your area.