Friday, August 12, 2011

Bored? Interested in Hearing My Voice? You Must Be Bored

I am starting to put together the narrated PowerPoint presentations for my online classes, which involves me recording the lectures that in a traditional classroom I would give while inflicting my PowerPoints on the students.  If you are interested, I have started FTPing them to this directory.  (The first lecture has about twenty minutes of primarily administrative stuff at the beginning that is relevant to College of Western Idaho students, but probably not very interesting to anyone else.)

You will need either PowerPoint 2010 or the free PowerPoint 2010 viewer.  Keep in mind that these are big files--typically 20 MB each, because of the audio.  (And that is with the audio compressed to what is considered "low quality.")

Let me emphasize that OpenOffice, as cool as it is, will not play these files with the audio content.  (This is a new feature of Microsoft Office that does not seem to have made it into OpenOffice yet.)

It may take several weeks for the entire fifteen lectures to make it up there.

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  1. Office 2010 and OpenOffice files are both just zipfiles. If I was really motivated I could unzip the pptx file and reattach the individual audio files to the presentation after it is imported into impress.