Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wow! High Speed Internet Again!

Ever since we moved to Horseshoe Bend, I have been saying, "I love it here, but I sure miss having high speed Internet."  The nice folks at BitSmart provided a decent wireless service, but because of limitations of their feed, they could not get us much above 1.2 Mbps download and, most recently that I checked, about 260 Kbps upload.  (They actually think that they should be able to do better than that, but that's what I measured just before having their antenna removed.)

We now have switched over to High Valley Internet, which is using a higher frequency wireless solution from on top of Bogus Basin.  I now have 5.12 Mbps download, and 2.27 Mbps upload.  Okay, those of you with 10 Mbps services down in flatland can scoff, but realistically, for most of what I do, this is pretty darn good!  It is $59.95 per month.

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  1. I can get about 4 Mbits down and 250K up from Clear (nee Clearwire) for $30/month. But often I seem to trigger their Network Management limits which are very strict, and certainly appear to be punitive, rather than actually related to traffic.