Thursday, August 25, 2011

A New Opportunity to Encourage Students to Lie

A private college in the Chicago area is going to be offering scholarships:

Elmhurst College put a question on its admissions application that won’t appear on any other school's application.
"Would you consider yourself to be a member of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered) community?”
A “yes” answer could put students in line to qualify for a scholarship worth one-third of tuition at the private, liberal arts school affiliated with the United Church of Christ, said Rold.
The rationale for offering this scholarship is to increase the "diversity" of the college.  Perhaps the could promote diversity on the faculty with an affirmative action program for conservatives?


  1. But Conservatives are part of the evil and privileged majority like White men that need to be punished for their past and present evil deeds (of course as a White man I'm joking)!

    When I first tried to get scholarships over 20 years ago I was amazed at how many of them discriminated against me. Now I can understand academic based discrimination (i.e. rewarding good grades in high school) or favoring a specific major, but there were so many that said I had to be a member of a certain race (non-white), be the right gender (the few that are for female only), be a member of the right religion, be a senior undergrad before age 26, etc. As a white male I found that a lot of them excluded that category.

    Of course legally I suppose they can do whatever they want.

    Maybe child molester scholarships are next...

  2. Perhaps every applicant should check that box, as it would be hard to exclude anyone as the LGBT proponents insist there is a spectrum to LGB, so everyone has it a little, so everyone is included. Not what the school intended, no doubt.

    As for diversity, they are only going after a sort of M&M diversity; a rainbow of colors outside, same pernicious statist flavor inside. A conservative at that schoool would be like a Skittle among the M&M's.

  3. I'm a lesbian trapped in a man's body, so I guess I qualify, right?