Thursday, August 25, 2011

Did Anyone Watch Sarah Palin's Alaska?

I have heard some ferocious criticisms of it as being an exploitive "reality" TV show, and the claim that she quit the show after just a few episodes.  But the Wikipedia article indicates that the show was simply not renewed--and the description sounds more like a travelogue than a "reality" TV show.


  1. I guess I'm one of the 5 million that watched the first episode (I was curious). I didn't watch any after that.

    I'm not a fan of reality shows (they all seem so phony) and most are clearly exploitive. Not to mention most are also very vulgar.

    It did seem to me to be advertising for her and to keep her in the public eye. It was boring to...

  2. I haven't watched any of them, but my impressions was also in line with a travelogue or even the Alaska Tourism Board, or whatever it is called.

  3. There definitely was a travel element to the show (location filming of Alaska's natural wonders) and perhaps that was Palin's reason for doing the show (boost tourism). That was indeed the best part of the episode I saw. But the travel element was not the largest part of the episode (more about Sarah than Alaska). I'm sure the producers were more interested in her than Alaska (and probably not to boost her career).

  4. I watched several episodes, when I could catch it and thought it very well done. My wife doesn't curse and disaproved of the word she used "freaking" this and that, she thought she should have just gone ahead and used the word she meant. I thought she was just maybe not cussing in front of the tv, but thats just me. I especially liked the shooting of the caribou or whatever it was and also the show where she took Kate and her 8 on a trip into the woods camping. Kates kids loved being outdoors but apparently Kates idea of roughing it is flying coach instead of first class. I thought it was a well thought out program, showing the great state, that could have been better but not by much.