Saturday, May 28, 2011

Someone With Access To Nexis

I need the author's name and article title on an article that appeared in the May 2, 2007 Kansas City Star that includes this:

A concerned Reed called Cagg, who contacted police. Officers took Logsdon to a mental-health facility, where he was evaluated and released within a few hours, his sister said. The facility sent him home with a cab voucher and a list of resources.

“We just seriously need to look at our system and how we deal with people as seriously deranged as my brother,” Cagg said.
Unfortunately,  the link is broken, and multiple attempts to find the article through the Kansas City Star website or elsewhere have been unsuccessful.  I have the entire article; I just need the author's name and article title.

UPDATE: Never mind, I purchased the articles online from the Star.

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