Thursday, May 5, 2011

Poor Osama Bin Laden...

Another victim of American imperialism.  The May 5, 2011 Daily Telegraph reports that Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams (who has been making a fool of himself for many years now), is not happy about what happened:

Killing bin Laden when he was not carrying a weapon meant that justice could not be “seen to be done”, the Archbishop suggested.
But lawyers and senior figures from politics and the military said Dr Williams was not living in “the real world” while relatives of 9/11 victims expressed outrage at his remarks.
A senior Government source described the Archbishop's comments as “very unwise”, adding: “One has to give some thought for all the unarmed people that bin Laden killed. This was a very silly thing to say.”
This is the same fool that has argued that Britain will need to incorporate shari'a law into their legal system, and that gay relationships are "comparable to marriage."  Look, if you want to make those arguments as director of the ACLU, I expect it.  But the Archbishop of Canterbury?  No wonder the Anglican Church worldwide is in serious danger of fragmentation--Rowan Williams is the fragmentation grenade.


  1. Another indication of how airy things are in Archbishop Rowan's head, how will the UK (where Great Britain used to be) incorporates Sharia law into British Common Law (and I presume this is to be in some major fashion, not merely permitting it as a contract term between parties to a contract) AND makes British Common Law recognize gay marriage, how does he propose to prevent Sharia from operating on the parties to a gay marriage as Sharia does in Saudi Arabia, Iran, or any of the other models of modern culture?

  2. My exact thought. The answer being that gay marriages will take place upon the roofs of courthouses, and as soon as the vows are exchanged, they will be pushed off.

  3. OBL was an enemy combatant just like Admiral Yamamoto. You can kill EC's whereever you find them, whenever you find them, without notice. When you become a combatant (which the Archbishop will never do since he expects "lesser" men to die for his emminence's freedom) you learn this.

    When the NVA got within motar range of a US forces base, they just started blowing things up -- the crapper, the messhall, the CHAPEL, the radio room, the barracks. There is no safety zone, not even at the civilian hootchs outside the main gate. Mortar's don't ask questions, they just kill.