Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It Is Finally Spring!

I actually needed to turn the air conditioning on during my trip to teach today.  Yesterday was clear, and the evening might have been a chance to roll out the telescope, if I was not busily responding to last minute questions from students.

A few more days and the semester will be over!  Then I can focus on a couple of book projects that I plan to Kindle (unless my agent has suddenly found a publisher for the book on deinstitutionalization), and writing a series of state-by-state articles about the history of gun control.  To my surprise, there is gobs of information available in places that you might not expect--for example, about Hawai'i.

And perhaps I will learn how to write Android apps as well.


  1. Mr. Cramer--If you put your book out on Kindle, that'll be the final thing that persuades me to get into the e-book world.

    I've been eying this market for years, from a standpoint of fiction. I think there's an equally great market for non-fiction, however, and I'm eager to see authors like yourself get into this.

    Interesting perspective here about fiction writing and self-publishing:

    The site is geared more towards fiction than non-fiction, but Mr. Konrath seems to have a pretty in-depth background regarding the issues of publishing electronically. Maybe you can find some pointers to help expedite things?

  2. There are a couple of Android apps ideas I've got kicking around in my head.