Saturday, May 21, 2011

I Knew I Would Find Something To Keep Me Busy

I am making another pass through the book that I am preparing for Kindle--and it is astonishing how letting a manuscript go cold for a few months does to help you realize how clumsy some sentences are, and how unclear a piece of writing even someone as wonderful as myself can produce.

I mentioned that I had upgraded my dual boot Linux/Windows box with a 160 GB hard disk.  Of course, because I did a disk to disk copy, the partition information did not change--so I had a 20 GB Linux partition, and a 140 GB Windows partition.  The Linux partition was getting very crowded as a result of installing Eclipse and a few other development packages, so I needed to rearrange the partition sizes.

This should be easy.  There are a number of ways that are supposed to be easy to resize partitions in either Windows or Linux--but neither turned out to be all that easy to do.  Instead, it turned out to be simpler to reinstall Linux 10.04.  During installation, it gives you the option of adjusting the Windows partition size, so now I have about 90 GB in the Windows partition (more than enough for a portable to bring with me when I need something light) and about 70 GB in the Linux partition (more than enough for development).

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