Sunday, May 1, 2011

Now I Understand Why My Life Is So Hard...I Don't Work For CIA

From something called the Seattle Examiner, which sounds like a newspaper, but probably (make that certainly) isn't comes this astonishing article about how Obama's birth certificate is a forgery including this "I did not know this" fact:

Is Barack Obama's birth certificate a distraction from his quantum access time travel pre-identification secret?

There appears to be another hidden factor beyond the location of Mr. Obama’s birth that is at play here – quantum access time travel pre-identification of recent U.S. Presidents, including Barack Obama.  The CIA has been pre-identifying future U.S. Presidents such as Barack Obama for 40 years and has, by the evidence, co-opted each of them into CIA.  

This secret quantum access program controls the U.S. presidency and makes the United States a functional CIA dictatorship.
Something called Project Pegasus using:
Tesla technology-based "quantum access" to past and future events, indicates that it is likely that by 1982 Mr. Obama had been personally informed by CIA that he was destined to be the U.S. President inaugurated on January 20, 2009.
Presumably, the people at CIA who run this extremely black ops program now own everything.  I mean, with that kind of foreknowledge, who wouldn't make a fortune in the stock market?

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