Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Let's Hope This Started Out As A Fraternity Hazing

The alternative requires a period of observation, I think:
A Michigan man dressed in a Batman costume was arrested early this morning after cops found him hanging off the ledge of a building.

Petoskey Department of Public Safety officers pulled the wannabe superhero back onto the building’s roof around 1 AM. A search of the man’s utility belt turned up a collapsible baton and a container of pepper spray. As a result, the 31-year-old suspect--who cops did not identify in advance of his arraignment--was charged with possession of dangerous weapons in addition to trespassing
Or perhaps an unfortunate application of too much Jack Daniels?


  1. Fortunately, my sidekick made bail for me.

  2. I'd don't believe the two possibilities you propose to be mutually exclusive.

  3. Carrying a collapsible baton is a crime all by itself in MI. (I wish it was not a crime. It is strange that I can be licensed to carry a pistol, but am not allowed to carry a collapsible baton...)