Thursday, May 19, 2011

Beautiful Birds

The bird feeders are bringing a glorious selection of beautiful birds, and my wife is going a bit crazy taking pictures!

Remember the rule of great photography: take lots of pictures, planning to throw most of them away.


  1. That's an assault bird feeder.

  2. Very cool, Clayton. It looks like your house is where the party is!

  3. Ah - western meadowlark! (First pic.) The sweetest sound - other than perhaps a child saying "I love you," is the call of the meadowlark!

    And look at those colors! Human-produced "art" pales next to God's handiwork.

    (Nice photos.)

  4. Oops! (follow-up) I just used the search-engine and found a photo of a western meadowlark - different bird! (Very similar color scheme.) I'm not much of an expert... but what I said about the song of the meadowlark stands.

  5. I'm jealous. We haven't been seeing much in Boise yet. Hopefully that will change soon (got lots of Mallards and Quail in the yard though--they never seem to leave).