Monday, March 7, 2016

I Take Back Every Nice Thing I Have Said About Windows 10

Microsoft wants you to use a Microsoft account, and on this Toshiba, there is no way to add another user account except through a Microsoft account.  Microsoft should be demolished.

Oh, how obvious!  Ctrl-Alt-Del.


Rick C said...

You could've used the Control Panel, too, just like you always could.

Clayton Cramer said...

f you want to add a non-Microsoft Account login, there's a way but it wasn't obvious.

Knitebane said...

That's what I've been saying since 1999.

Microsoft delenda est.

Geek to go ... said...

I've had several problems with customers who have taken the bait and installed W10.

1. A W10 upgrade that freezes and won't respond. No keyboard but mouse or vice versa. A couple of hard power button restarts seems to clear things up.

2. I had one customer who had all his files under c:/users changed to ownership SYSTEM and mode to "read only." That one was a real bitch. I finally reverted him to W7 Pro with an appropriate auto-activating OEM disk. See take

3. On all customers W10s storebought or upgrade I install Classic Shell from I also find IE11 in Program Files and pin it to the TaskBar. I unpin edge and make IE11 the default shell for those who use it.


Ben Zipperer said...

If you use Win+X to launch an elevated command prompt, these commands will create a local account called technician with password=password:

net user technician /add

net user technician password

net user technician /expires:never

wmic useraccount where "name='technician'" set PasswordExpires=FALSE

net localgroup Administrators technician /add